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baby jaxon

what a lucky boy this is, he's so lucky to have three sisters and a mom and dad that love him dearly. He loved the camera but only wanted to sleeo a little. Thank you Skye and Brandon for coming North and letting me capture you three, can not wait for the next session! #choosehappy #boysarethebest

these twins.

Oh my they are a joy to capture. They have the best facial expressions ever, they are moving around so quick, so it's a challenge to capture at times, but seriously the most well behaved 1.5 yr olds out there, and not to mention handsome little guys. I can't wait until the next session! #choosehappy #twins

these two.

Totally in love. Those smiles. Those looks. So glad i got to capture your love for each other, and can't wait until your wedding day!

the white family

I am kind of a sucker for families for 3 boys, but are these not the most adorable boys you've seen, those smiles, those sill faces, those expressions, love capturing them all, we really had a fun and relaxed time! Thank you Rebecca for letting me capture your boys and your family. Enjoy these special moments, because let me tell you the go fast! #choosehappy

this family.

they are one of my most favorite families to capture, i've been with them for all the big times in their life, starting with engagement photos, there is no one like them, the smiles, the expressions, the fun times, this is the PERFECT family session, all these photos are Them. Love them, thank you both Shannon and Dan for letting me be the one to capture all these special moments in your life. I am so honored to be the one!