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Crimson is one, and is soooo loved!

What fun this was to capture this so happy ONE year old at the Historic HHS, where her mom and dad got married, such awesome memories! and then we headed to the studio and captured her and her adorable sister with all her Grandparents and special people in their lives. They are so lucky, to have so many grandparents who love and cherish them, there is nothing like a love from a grandma and grandpa, cherish those moments forever, and I mean forever, and then finally she had her cake, and even shared with her Sister! Such fun capturing all the giggle, laughs, and smiles - Thank you Steve and Christi.

Liv and Jack and their mom and dad

Love this family. She useto be my boys babysitter, well Kid sitter, they LOVED her, now she is all grown up, married, and a mom. It's just crazy to me how life travels so fast. Liv and Jack, seriously the sweetest children ever, Liv keeps you on your toes, as does Jack. Liv is such a good little mother to her brother. I'm so, so blessed to be the one to be capturing these 4. Ashley and John thank you for letting capture the awesome moments in your life

Leslie - HHS Class of 2019

I'm having a hard time with these photos. my middle child, my boy who has a heart of gold, my boy who has a mind of his own, my boy who is friends with everyone, the BEST Hugger ever, they are fierce, just like him. And that grin that will melt your heart, he's got visions, plans and dreams, all his own, and I LOVE that about much about this young man that is truly amazing, he going to go places, and I can't wait to watch where. #choosehappy #50moredaysofschool
I'm having a hard time believing that two of my boys will be Graduates of HHS. Les, I love you.

Jack - VHS Class of 2019

Love this kid. Everything about him is awesome, I am so glad I got to know you a few years ago, and then now when you are a senior, what a blessing it was to capture who you are, Good Luck in your future, can't wait to see where life leads you! Keep Being you Jack. #choosehappy

Tat and a few of his friends.

It's been a fun pleasure being able to capture this guy the past few years, this session was probably my most favorite, he brought a few of his favorite things to capture with him, these memories are now forver captured. Keep being strong, and looking up dude, you got this! #choosehappy also, always! Thank for for allowing me to capture you!