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my family and a few photos

don’t ever wait for the perfect time to take a photo, just take it when you have time, who cares if your hair isn’t the right color, or you are not wearing the nicest clothes, or the weather isn’t right. Just take those special photos, and capture those precious moments. we had 15 min, so this is what we captured, and I handed the camera off to have a few others take too, don’t forget to do that too. you just have to capture those memories when you can! it’s all about the moments.#choosehappy

Staci and her boys!

Love capturing moments like these, the expressions, the giggles, the smiles, just everything about them makes my heart warm! I remember cuddling moments like this with my boys at this age, never stop the cuddling and the moments together! The love between a Mother and a Son is amazing. Thank you Staci for letting me capture this between you and your boys. #choosehappy

sweet baby Thomas that isn't really a baby anymore...

Where does the time go! I still remember doing a session with this family when Thomas was just being made inside his momma’s belly, we did a “favorite thing” session, and surprised everyone that there was ONE more baby arriving in 9 months! So much love in this family, Thomas is one lucky boy! i just adore all those little smirks. oh and those cheeks, so kissable!

my loves, my everythings, my family

sometimes you just need to take 15 min or so and snap some photos when you have everyone together all in one place, and then hand the camera off to someone to snap a few so you are in a few photos as well. I cherish every moment that i get to spend with these people that i call family. they are my everything, so beyond blessed. #choosehappy

Brian and Megan - the most beautiful day ever.

Both Megan and Brian are beautiful people inside and out. We were so blessed to be able to ber there with them in Beautiful Ely and capture their special day with amazing Family and Friends....Everyone was so welcoming, and so fun to be around. As you can see from all the smiles, it was a fantastic Fall Day, a bit chilly and wet at times, but that didn't stop them from getting married on the back lawn, with a breath taking view. Every detail was thought of for this wedding, so many family and friends pulled together to make it perfect for them, it's hard when you live in Colorado and plan a wedding in Northern Minnesota, but it all was amazing. Thank you Brian and Megan for letting us be part of your day! #choosehappy Flom Designs and Photography