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an offer to help.

We are sad to hear another mine is going to be shut down, and since we moved here one thing we know is people are willing to help each other out. John and I talked about posting this closer to when the school year is done but now feels like the right time.

If you have a student going into their senior next year and one or both of their parents work at the closing mines, we want to offer to help with the senior photos. We get that money will be tight and something like a senior photo session might be last on your list of things to get done, but knowing it’s hard to take away some “Rights of Passage”, we just wanted to offer to help.

We will work with you and your child to make whatever work…we know there is no timeline to be called back in. We choose to live and work here because we really do believe that this is a great place for our kids, and we know a lot of you feel the same way. It’s one little thing we can offer to help keep somethings normal and not have it be a huge burden.

Our prayers go out to all the families that will be making some very tough decisions, please feel free to email or contact either John or myself.