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These two little dues are awesome.

We didn't get to many smiles this time, but serious is fine with me. These two little boys are so adorable, and love eachother so much! I can't wait to capture the again! Thank you for letting me take their photos.

These two, love the the smiles and big lips.

Being able to capture a family year after year is the best feeling ever. You are a part of their family, and being able to capture the memories year after year, is such a blessing. Thanl you this session was a blast! Lily is such a little sweetheart, and she loves her brother and the camera so much! Her smile is priceless, and I LOVE her hugs! 

these smiles

Love these two adorable kids so much, never have I gotten so many smiles from this little boy, finally I got to capture his happy smile, the serious stuff is just fine for me to tho. #choosehappy Thanks Trent and Joanne for letting me capture your little wilds!

Baby Thomas is ONE!

Being able to capture a family again and again, is such an amazing adventure. You just become part of the family. It’s amazing watching the kids grow and become amazing young children, and people! Being part of the family, and capturing exciting things happening is another fun thing! So Susie contacted me, and wanted to do a “favorite thing” family session, so we hauled the couch out to the woods. It was amazing, these kids are amazing, so busy with all their own things, so well behaved, so polite, little did they know though that this photo was going to be used as a Birth Announcement…..a new baby was coming, it was a surprise to almost everyone I think. Baby Thomas arrived in February, he’s one year old already! Cherish the moments of every day!

nicole's 4 babies.

it was so much joy to capture these 4, so well behaved children. so beautiful, and so polite, they all are so in love with their new baby sister, it warmed my heart capturing them all, thank you Nicole. #choosehappy