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Liv and Jack and their mom and dad

Love this family. She useto be my boys babysitter, well Kid sitter, they LOVED her, now she is all grown up, married, and a mom. It's just crazy to me how life travels so fast. Liv and Jack, seriously the sweetest children ever, Liv keeps you on your toes, as does Jack. Liv is such a good little mother to her brother. I'm so, so blessed to be the one to be capturing these 4. Ashley and John thank you for letting capture the awesome moments in your life

Tat and a few of his friends.

It's been a fun pleasure being able to capture this guy the past few years, this session was probably my most favorite, he brought a few of his favorite things to capture with him, these memories are now forver captured. Keep being strong, and looking up dude, you got this! #choosehappy also, always! Thank for for allowing me to capture you!

Lily and her brother and fam!

this girl captured my heart many years ago, so blessed to be able to capture her and now her brother....he was not so sure about photos this time, maybe next time will be better! :) Love all the expressions and memories we create! #choosehappy

the white family

I am kind of a sucker for families for 3 boys, but are these not the most adorable boys you've seen, those smiles, those sill faces, those expressions, love capturing them all, we really had a fun and relaxed time! Thank you Rebecca for letting me capture your boys and your family. Enjoy these special moments, because let me tell you the go fast! #choosehappy

this family.

they are one of my most favorite families to capture, i've been with them for all the big times in their life, starting with engagement photos, there is no one like them, the smiles, the expressions, the fun times, this is the PERFECT family session, all these photos are Them. Love them, thank you both Shannon and Dan for letting me be the one to capture all these special moments in your life. I am so honored to be the one!