You get 2 sessions a year, regular family / child / pet /senior / boudoir sessions.  Up to 1 hour in length in the Hibbing area or at studio.  A minimal travel fee for any places outside the Hibbing area.All photos put online in a private gallery with downloadable full size.  Free download, no watermark.  Print prices are at a much lower rate, delivered direct from printer to you.  The images are yours to post or reprint.  To see a sample of the prices, go to this gallery.

What if I can’t or don’t use both sessions?  As much as I would love to come up with a way to let you find a way to use them the paperwork would be a nightmare.  The subscription model is already an amazing deal.

Gifting, you can order a gift subscription for someone.  After you subscribe send me an email, let me know who is getting the subscription.

What if I need more sessions?  The price per additional session is still $65 per hour and the photos will be available for download or printing at the lower rates.

What rate for printing do my parents or friends pay?  They pay your lower rate.

Can I join one year, then skip a year, then join?  Yes, but once you join it’s for a full year, no partial years.

It seems like you’re giving away the photos with this new plan?  I am in a way but we are hoping the subscription will have enough people that it will pay for it in the long run.  $199 was the average sale to a client over the last year.

All your material talks about download, can I still get a case and DVD of the images?  Yes. The cost is $425 for two sessions, two cases and 2 usb drives.

How do I book a session with you? You can book online, message me through Facebook, text or call.  All dates are filled first come first serve.

Access to old sessions.  Your old sessions are yours and we really want every client to have a digital copy of their photos at least.  So during the subscription year you’ll have full access to past sessions.  Yes full access, if they are online.  We are trying hard to get old sessions online as fast as we can.

So why the change?  Simple my life like everyone else’s has gotten so busy.  I want to keep doing photography as a business but I recognize the change in what people are willing to pay.  Also we as a family want people to have the photos, they are your memories and you should be able to share them with everyone.

So how will this work?  You pay the $199 and you can either set up your sessions immediately or as you desire.  Please remember that it’s first come first serve so if their is a date you want please try to get it set up ASAP.  You can also use it for our specials.

With the downloads you might want more control of the access to photos.  Please feel free to let me know if you would like to secure the photos more. 

What if I want my photos touched up like blemishes removed?  The cost is $5 per image if a whole session needs to be fixed please contact me so we can work something out.

You also get first chance at my special sessions, like the easter sessions, valentines day and so on!

The legal stuff, once you subscribe it’s non-refundable.  With access to old sessions and downloads it would be tough to do it any other way.  For new clients it would be non-refundable after the first session.  You can not sell the images, and I retain the copyright on the images.

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